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'I have known Paul for more than 40 years, firstly as a young boy of 9 who was the star of child family act, THE MILLIONAIRES. The act was one of the 'must see' shows throughout the English Cabaret scene and also the highlight of nearly every area's Cabaret and Clubland Command show.

They were a top attraction on the US bases in France and Germany and it was always known that Paul would eventually go forth on his own and become a big star.

To see it happen was magical. He holds an audience in the palm of his hand and does so with consummate ease, a skill he acquired because of this early experience and subsequent success as a solo performer by stand-up headline appearances throughout the country at top major theatre clubs and on TV. Guest appearances on many TV shows including THE BOB MONKHOUSE SHOW, LIVE FROM HER MAJESTY'S, THE COMEDIANS, STARBURST, WHO DO YOU DO and the big one... SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE LONDON PALLADIUM, led to his own series with ATV entitled the PAUL SQUIRE SHOW which was followed by a further two series.

Since then with the closure of main cabaret venues he has directed and starred in many pantomimes and summer shows with the main source of work now on american cruise ships where he has worked continuously for the last 14 years.

I myself have worked with him on many occasions over the last four years on my theatre and comedy shows and he is always a huge hit, in fact this DVD was recorded on the recording of my last DVD 'Just Joking' at the Customs House in 2010. His performance was so good that we felt we just had to release it as his first DVD.

He is my favourite performer and you who may not have seen him are in for something special. I introduce him to you by the title of his fourth TV series from Central TV some years ago.' - Bobby Pattinson

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