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Tall Ships, Rivers And Seas
A celebration of the maritime heritage
of the North East of England.

1986. 1993. 2005. Each of these years is marked by a visit to the River Tyne of the Tall Ships. And to celebrate the event, the Northumbria Anthology has put together this video,
directed by Ken McKenzie.

It's a collection of thoughts and reminiscences of five North East writers, who specialise in the history of our region, our shipbuilders and our seafarers: Max Adams, Tony Barrow, Dick Keys, Adrian Osler and Ken Smith.

Find out why the Wear and the Tyne became such important shipbuilding centres, which Geordie admiral was the real hero of Trafalgar, how bad conditions were in the Royal Navy in the 18th Century and what it was like to live in fear of the press gang.

From the early days of wooden sailing vessels to triumphs of steam technology like the Mauretania, this video gives a fascinating glimpse of ships and the people who worked with them.
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