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A CD collection of songs collated from the Northumbria Anthology, both old and new to celebrate the visit in July 2005 of the Tall Ships to the North East of England.

Tracks include Alex Glasgow singing 'Dance te yer Daddy', 'Sheila Armstrong singing 'The Keel Row', Graeme Danby singing 'Blow the Man Down', Judy Dinning singing 'The Cullercoats Fish Lass' and Sting and Jimmy Nail singing 'Water of Tyne'.

Track Listing

01  Dance Te Yer Daddy  Alex Glasgow
02  Water Of Tyne  Sting
Jimmy Nail
03  The Keel Row  Shiela Armstrong
04  Blow The Man Down  Graeme Danby
05  Blow The Wind Southerly  Judy Dinning
06  Bobby Shaftoe  Billy Fane
07  Ma Bonny Lad  Shiela Armstrong
08  Jack Crawford  Bob Fox
The Hush
09  Charley‘s Across The Sea  Mary Thompson
10  The Ship Is All Laden  Graeme Danby
11  Ye're Gannin' Te Be A Keelman  Johnny Handle
12  The Cullercoats Fish Lass  Judy Dinning
13  The Folks Of Shields  Benny Graham
14  The Bonny Fisher Lad  Shiela Armstrong
15  The Sandgate Girl's Lament  Billy Fane
16  Liberty For The Sailors  Jane Wade
17  The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade  Johnny Handle
18  Winkle Pickin' Willie  Billy Fane
19  There's Mackerel In The Bay  Benny Graham
20  The Sandgate Lassie's Lament  Shiela Armstrong
21  Sally Gee  Billy Fane
22  Sunderland Oak  Johnny Handle
23  Here's The Tender Comin‘  Judy Dinning
24  The Tall Ships  Graeme Danby
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