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Featuring: Tim Healy, Denise Welch, Kevin Whately, Jill Halfpenny, Stephen Tomkinson, Laura Norton, Jason Cook, Ray Jackson, Charlie Hardwick, Billy Mitchell, Julia Tobin, Christopher Fairbank, Angela Lonsdale and many more.......

The show opened with something new, 'Not the Great North Run' starred Denise Welch, Charlie Hardwick, Angie Lonsdale and Brendan Foster, he's not happy with their training regime or the route they took!

Nuggets in the laughter-packed show include Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais' latest Auf Wiedersehen Pet adventure into classic Greek mythology - Denise Welch as Helen of Blyth, anyone? Dennis, Neville and Moxey have never looked better in togas and Stephen Tomkinson's Zeus was a tour de force.

There's a new comedy quiz show, 'Mock the News for Yous Like” given a regional flavour by its cast of Jason Cook, Steffen Peddie, James Baxter, Vicky Elliott, Rosie Ramsey and Peter Peverley as a returning Bobby Thompson. The winning sketch from the 2015 'Sketch for Sammy' competition had the audience in stitches, customer Ian Paine got himself in a right state trying to buy a coffee from Pam Royle and Laura Norton.

There’s also hilarious takes on local sporting rivalry in 'Derby Day' and a suggestion for the future in 'The Mackems and the Geordies' which features Denise Welch, Tim Healy, Kevin Whately and Jill Halfpenny with the exhilarating Newcastle College Chorus. Act two opened with a moving tribute to Brendan Healy, stalwart of Sunday for Sammy since its inception. There were tears of laughter and sadness and a standing ovation both front of house and backstage.

The all-star Houseband featuring Billy ‘the glue’ Mitchell and backing vocalists the Sammyettes raised the roof and musical highlights were provided by the wonderful Jill Halfpenny; Ray Stubbs produced gritty R&B; Pete Scott had us in stitches with 'Kuala Lumpur Clegg'; Lorraine Crosby gave us a barnstorming 'Proud Mary'; Charlie Hardwick charmed us with her group 'Kissed' and returning hero Ray Jackson starred in a stunning finale with some Lindisfarne classics. We've said it before but this has never been more true, Sunday for Sammy 2016 really is the best one yet!

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