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Recorded and mixed at the Cluny Studio, Newcastle
(except Immunity recorded at various locations)

Phil Armstong (guitar, mandolin)
Michael Bailey (bass)
Tony Davis (keyboards)
Rachael Rhoades (violin, piano, accordion)
Stephen Robson (drums)

A collection of songs written and performed for his 2005 album, 'a pure delight, many gems buried within these 12 tracks' (Neil Emery, Including 'The Ballad of Jimmy Forsyth', 'Pretty Useless', 'Hometown' and 'Money for the Toffeeman'.

Track Listing

01  The Ballad Of Jimmy Forsyth 
02  Pretty Useless (revisited) 
03  In Your Own Time 
04  Hometown 
05  Tremble 
06  Money For The Toffeeman 
07  Devil's Causeway 
08  Over A Beer 
09  Heatwave 
10  Old 
11  Immunity 
12  Songs In A Carrier Bag 



Neil Emery - - 13/12/2005
Apologies Steve, and fellow band members, but till two days ago I've never heard any of your music before, and I rejected the option of 'googling' you.. And preferred just to listen to the CD with open virgin ears...

So, 'Songs in a Carrier bag', with a style and sound between the Levellers and Tom Petty it starts with a 'Harrods bag' of a track, and the best track, 'The Ballad of Jimmy Forsyth', a foot thumping superb classic, perfectly balanced with a great chorus and guitars twangs aplenty, left me wanting more...But 'Pretty Useless' followed, I wanted to embrace it but just couldn't , as with 'Heatwave'..God, Steve, if you're talking heatwave, cheer up mate!

But that said the rest of the CD is a pure delight, and there are many gems to find buried within these twelve tracks, the Lennonesque vocals and sound of 'Sleep Now', a truly well crafted song, as with the excellent 'Tremble'..

'Devils Causeway' lifts the tempo just at the right time, and perhaps this CD is lacking a couple of these lively songs, but the other songs more than make up for these minor moans, as with 'In your own time', 'Hometown', and the short but perfectly formed title track..

And the music matures with every listen, so please do take in this collection of fine songs, and even though the 'Harrods' bag of an opener isn't matched, it certainly reaches the level of the classy 'Waitrose' bag, not a 'Lidl's' in sight...

Well worth a listen 7/10.
Neil Emery - - 13/12/2005

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