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A double disc collection of archive recordings spanning the last 40 years of Eric's songs. Artists include Michael Hunt, Marian Aitchison, Mick McCabe, The Shiremoor Marras, Joe Ging and Ralph Hawkes singing all the old favourites; 'But It’s Mine', 'There's More to Life Than Women and Beer', 'Sweet Waters of Tyne' and 'The Ballad of Geordie Washington'.


Track Listing

01  You'll Be Laughin'  Spectrum
02  The Ghost Of St Mary's  Spectrum
Mick McCabe
03  Mary Ann  Marian Aitchison
Ralph Hawkes
04  I Waited On The North Dock  Marian Aitchison
05  The Multiplication Song  Joe Ging
06  Mary Lister  Ralph Hawkes
07  The Rain Started Falling  Eric Boswell
08  I've Got A Little Whippet  Michael Hunt
09  But It's Mine  Ralph Hawkes
10  The Forst Footin' Song  Mick McCabe
11  Tyneside's Where I Come From  Spectrum
12  The Social Security Waltz  Joe Ging
13  The Good Old Bad Days  Spectrum
Mick McCabe
14  North Of The Tyne  John Hawkins
15  Welcome To Geordieland  Spectrum
16  They Don't Write Songs Like These  Frank Wappat
17  The Great Longbenton Leek  Graeme Danby
18  There's More To Life Than Women And Beer  Shiremoor Marrers
19  Supermarket Blues  Joe Ging
20  Lookin' For A Girl  John Hawkins
21  Wi' Me Pit Claes On  Michael Hunt
22  Katie Was There  Mick McCabe
23  Mally Dunn  Four In A Bar
24  There'll Be No One Else For Me  Marian Aitchison
Ralph Hawkes
25  Take Me Up The Tyne  Marian Aitchison
Ralph Hawkes
26  The Summer Of Last Year  Jan Bennett
27  Playin' Hard To Get  Marian Aitchison
Ralph Hawkes
28  Sweet Waters Of Tyne  Michael Hunt
29  I Got A Bun In The Oven  Marian Aitchison
30  The Ballad Of Geordie Washington  Michael Hunt
31  I Can't Help Hevin' A Sort O' Feelin'  Mick McCabe
32  Everything Changes  Marian Aitchison
Ralph Hawkes
33  Bird Fly High  Marian Aitchison
34  Maybe This Is Love  Graeme Danby
Valerie Reid

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