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A collection from the 1950s accompanied by Clifton Helliwell on the piano, digitally re-mastered and carefully restored from copies of recordings by Frank Wappat. Songs include 'Click 'Em and Catch 'Em', 'Geordie Had the Bairn', 'The Washin' Day', 'Footy Agin the Waal' and the duet 'The Row Upon the Stairs' with Bill Robinson.


Track Listing

01  The Fiery Clock Fyece 
02  Click 'Em And Catch 'Em 
03  The Caller 
04  Keep Yer Feet Still 
05  Cushie Butterfield 
06  The Wolf 
07  Geordie Haad The Bairn 
08  Here's To You, John Brown 
09  Home Brewed Brown Bread 
10  The Weshin' Day 
11  The Bonny Gateshead Lass 
12  The Gallowgate Lad 
13  The Cockfight 
14  Down In A Coalmine 
15  Footy Again' The Waall 
16  The Row Upon The Stairs 

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