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Alwinton Show

Now the summer was gittin' on, and everybody was aglow,
At the thowt o' gannin' up Coquet ti the great Al'inton Show.
The work for the show starts orly in the year,
When a meetin' is held ower a pint o' good beer.
The Committee an' workers are the same aad faces,
There's farmers an' hairds from aa' the hill places.
Now, as summer slides away, times gittin' near,
Ti open the gates o' the Show o' the Year.

The mornin' starts orly, aboot half-past eight,
Wi' not a cloud in the sky an' the sun shinin' bright.
Then the wagons started comin' wi' aal the pack sheep,
An' the dog trial got started, wi' Bob Frazer an' Sweep.
The big tent started fillin' wi' aal different stuff,
But the judges would please some, an' others they wad huff.

The sheep pens were full an the judgin' was sae hard
Wi' every class at its best an' the winners got a reed card.
Alwin Bland browt his good ewe an' won the Big Cup,
But Jimmy Herdman was close behind wi' his grand owld tup.
There was trade stands an' smaal tents all ower the place.
An everybody waas gittin' ready for the Great Hill Race.

Now they started the Hoond Trail after the hill race was done,
An' the men were comin' oot the pubs ti join in the fun.
Now in the big ring there was sports of aal kind;
There was jumpin' and wrestlin' an' owt mair they could find.
The hoppins were there an' gannin' at full swing,
An' up in the pub they were startin' ti sing.

There was three cheers for Bobby Dixon,
Cause he's everybody's friend,
An the Pipe band waas playin'
Ti bring the show tiv an end.
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A collection of mainly traditional songs from Northumberland commissioned by the Northumbria Anthology, celebrating the shepherd's year, the sailor's life and the bustle of town communities including ...